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Allow our extremely active Discord server to connect you with thousands of active players around the globe. Watch yourself be blown away by the extensive amount of active voice chats available at any given hour of the day.
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Why choose The Among Us Lobby?

We're the #1 place for everything Among Us related

One Roof For Everything

The True Among Us LFG. Whether it's people to play with, lobbies to join, or people to chat with, The Among Us Lobby on Discord is your one-stop-shop for it all.

Meet New Players

A Place for Positivity & Fun. We've prioritized building a safe, fun, and inclusive community. We understand what it's like to get kicked by little kids for no reason; that ends here.

Active Moderation

An Established Team of Mods. Any bullying or harrasment of any sort is not tolerated in The Among Us Lobby, and will result in a ban.

Endless Fun

Be part of The Among Lobby and never get called "sus" again.


Earn Voice Hours by being active in The Among Us Lobby Discord voice chats, or text chats.

With the abundance of people and channels in The Among Us Lobby Discord, you're bound to find new friends.

The Among Us Lobby is always proudly hosting scheduled events to even further the leisure. Catch us on our Twitch @ twitch.tv/dadscord)

One click; that's all it takes to be paired up with a group of players looking to play Among Us. Long gone are the days of looking for an "Among Us LFG". The Among Us Lobby on Discord is here to simplify things.

We've got a whole crew of bots in The Among Us Lobby on Discord monitoring everything in creative ways, and they're always happy to assist you.

It's quite rare to find negativity on The Among Us Lobby on Discord. But in the case something pops up, we've got a responsive, round-the-clock team of moderators to keep everything straight in The Among Us Lobby on Discord.


The Fun will never die

With an evergrowing list of members, it's no wonder we're accredited.


Unlimited Amounts of Activity,
For Unlimited Amounts of Fun.

Find an ineffable number of groups, all filled with different people. Once you're here, feel free to take your time and look around. We're sure you'll make some friends.

We're more than just a server...

We're the most active Among Us server in the world.

A catalog of fun

We've organized The Among Us Lobby to be like an "Among Us LFG", without the need for endless searching.

An abundance of voice channels

With the seemingly endless list of active voice chats in The Among Us Lobby, you're bound to find your next favourite group of partners.

No need to tweak a thing

The "Find Players" section of the Among Us Lobby on Discord allows for an instant matchup to a group of players as similar to you as possible with the help of AI. We like to call it the "instant Among Us LFG" system, and we're proud of what we've created.